Associate a Program with a Space (add enrollees as members in a group)

Programs are typically used for creating courses. See our guide to using Programs here.

Spaces are typically used for coaching groups and communities. See our guide to using Spaces here.

Oftentimes, you need to associate a Program with a Space. Creating a connection between a Program and Space allows you to:

  • Automatically add new enrollees in your program (course) as members in a space (a group for students of a course).
  • Give members of a space an easy way to enroll themselves in a program using a visual call-to-action button inside of a Space.

In this guide, we'll cover:

Connecting a Program & Space

You can establish a connection between a Program and a Space from any of these areas:

  • When configuring a Program's settings (Program > Program Settings > Connect to Spaces)

  • When configuring a Space's settings (Space > Settings > Connected Programs)

  • When configuring the settings for a cohort within a Space (Space > Cohorts > View a Cohort > Cohort Settings > Connected Programs)

To establish a connection between a Program and a Space, click the button to create the connection, then select the Program, Space, and/or Cohort.

Once the connection has been made, it will show up in the list of connections both in the Program's Settings and in the Space's settings.

Connecting a Program to all cohorts in a Space

When creating a connection, you have the option to select a space and leave the cohorts setting set to "All cohorts". This will create the connection on the parent Space, which will result this same program connection being creating across all current cohorts and future cohorts in this Space.

Options you can set on the Program-Space connection:

  • "Let space members enroll themselves" — This enables a visual call-to-action box shown in the sidebar when members view the space, which they can click to create new enrollments for themselves in this program. More on configuring this below.
  • "Add new enrollees as members in the space." — Enables automatically adding all new enrollees of a program as members in the space.
  • "Create the program enrollment conversation in the space." — When program enrollments are created, this creates new conversations (each enrollment is a conversation). This setting lets you decide if these enrollment conversations should reside inside of the space or not. More on this below.

Program enrollments visibility inside or outside of a space

One of the options when configuring a program-space connection is "Create the program enrollment conversation in the space.". This setting can have various implications and it depends on what your goals for setup are.

Let's break it down:

First, it's important to understand how program enrollments work: Every time a new person (like a student) is enrolled in a program, it generates a new conversation for the student, which contains the content of the program and it's the place where the student can ask questions, get coaching, etc. all in the same place as their program content. More on this workflow in our programs guide.

If the program's settings are configured to make new program conversations visible to anyone who has the link, then anyone who visits the conversation of this program can see and access its' content and participate in the student's discussion in their program. You have the option to change this setting so that the program conversations always default to private—so that only the enrollee and you (or your team members) can participate in the private enrollment for your student.

When you configure your program-space connection, you have the option to have those program enrollment conversations be created inside the connected space (or not):

If both of these conditions are true:

  • The program's setting for "New instances of this program will be public" is turned on.
  • The program-space connection setting for creating the program conversations inside the space is turned on.


  • Whenever there's a new enrollment in the program, the resulting conversation will be visibly inside the connected space.
  • Since this conversation does not default to private, then all other members of the space will be able to see the conversation, navigate into it, and see responses and participate. This could result in many new program enrollment conversations being created and visible to all space members.

Recommendation: If you want to ensure that each program enrollment is only seen by the enrollee (student) and you or your team members, then there are 2 ways you can solve this:

  • Option 1: In the program settings, turn off "New instances of this program will be public" so that these program enrollment conversations will be "private" and viewable only by the enrollee and your team.
    • The student will still be able to access their program from within this space (rather than outside of it, in the student's general list of programs), but their program enrollment conversation won't be visible to other members in the space.

  • Option 2: In the program-space connection settings, turn off the setting for "Create the program enrollment conversation in the space.".
    • Then the program enrollment conversations will not be created inside the space (where other space members can potentially see it and access it).
    • The student can access their program enrollment conversation by clicking their "Programs" link in their sidebar.
    • The student can still be added as a member in the connected space (via this program-space connection).

Creating a visual call-to-action for space members to enroll themselves in a program

Let's say you want to make a program available to members of a space, so that they can click to enroll themselves in the program.

You can do this by displaying a visual call-to-action in the sidebar of the space.

Here's how to set this up:

  1. When configuring the program-space connection, turn on the setting for "Let space members enroll themselves"

  1. Edit the Program > Program Settings > Program Details. Here you can set the program's title, description, image, and button text, all of which will be showin the sidebar callout in the space.

  1. When members of the space log in and access the space, they will see the sidebar call-to-action (you can test this by inviting your own separate email address to the space, accepting the invitation then accessing the space from the view of a member)
    • When a member clicks that sidebar call-to-action, it will generate a new program enrollment conversation for that student.

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