What's what in Clarityflow?

Conversations -- Each conversation has multiple messages in it.  A conversation can be 1-to-1 or it can have a group of multiple participants, all seeing and posting messages to the conversation.  You can make conversations public (anyone with the link can view) or private (requires a login).

Messages -- A single message in a conversation.  A message can be a single video, or audio, and/or text and file attachments.

Threads (Replies) -- You can post replies underneath specific messages.  A thread is a sub-level of messages within a conversation.

Message Templates (located in your Library) -- Pre-recorded messages that can be re-used in your conversations.  You can also use Message Templates as pieces of content in your Programs (courses).  

​Thread Templates (located in your Library) -- A collection of multiple Message Templates.  When inserted into a conversation, a Thread Template becomes a Thread of multiple messages in the conversation.  Or you can use Thread Templates as "Modules" within a Program (course).  

Invitations -- When you want to create a personalized onboarding experience for a client or teammate, you can create an invitation, and then customize the onboarding flow for the person who will accept and onboard via your invitation.  Each onboarding flow can include a custom welcome message, along with specific instructions to route the invitee to a conversation or program or space.

Intake Pages — A page with an intake form that you can share with anyone, where anyone can submit a message to you. When they do, it starts a new 1-to-1 conversation with that person. You can optionally display a welcome message on your intake page(s). You can also embed intake pages on your own website.

Workflows -- Automation flows that can automate messages in your conversations.  Examples:  Automatically drip out template messages on a schedule, or wait for a reply and then automatically post a response, or send a nudge email if someone if someone hasn't replied within X days, etc.  Workflows can also be built into your Programs.

Programs -- Typically used to build a course.  You can build-in multiple message templates, thread templates, automation workflows into a Program.  Then you can run your program many times, where each running of the program is a new Conversation, built from the template that is your Program.  You can then track student enrollments in your Programs.

Spaces -- A space is an area that contains a collection of Conversations.  You can invite members to access a space.  Think of a Space like a private group area, where members can see and start conversations that are only seen by other members.

Payments -- You'll be able to sell subscriptions, one-time purchase products, and access to conversations, programs, and spaces, using our Payments feature.  Payments will be integrated with your Stripe account.

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