Pin messages to the top of a conversation or space

The "Pin" feature works in 2 ways:

  • You can "pin" any message (along with it's threaded replies) to the top of a conversation, so that all participants in that conversation see it at the top.
  • When viewing the conversations in a Space, you can pin multiple conversations to the top of the Space, so that all members in the space see those conversations at the top.

A few notes about Pinning:

  • Only account members (the owner and team members) can pin messages in a conversation. Guest participants cannot.
  • Only account members (the owner and team members) can pin conversations in a Space. Guest members cannot.
  • When a message or conversation is pinned, it displays at the top and doesn't display in its normal position (i.e. it won't display in 2 places).
  • When a message is pinned, and then you pin a different message to the top, the previously pinned message becomes "unpinned" and returns to its normal position in the flow.
  • When a message is pinned to the top, it also displays at the top of the sidebar navigation in a conversation.

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