Integrating Less Annoying CRM with Clarityflow

You can integrate your Less Annoying CRM account with your Clarityflow account so that contacts who respond to your messages in Clarityflow are automatically tracked as contacts in Less Annoying CRM.

Connect your Less Annoying CRM account to Clarityflow:

  1. In Clarityflow: Go to Settings > Integrations > Less Annoying CRM
  2. In Less Annoying CRM: Go to Settings > Programmer API > Copy your API key (you might need to first click "Enable API").
  3. In Clarityflow, paste your Less Annoying CRM API and click "Connect Less Annoying CRM".

How the integration works:

  • Anytime someone replies to a message in a Clarityflow conversation, or submits a message via any of your Clarityflow intake pages, a contact will be found or created in your Less Annoying CRM Contacts.
  • A note will be posted on that contact's activity in Less Annoying CRM, containing a link pointing directly to their message in Clarityflow.
  • Every time this contact sends another message via Clarityflow, a new note will be logged and linked from Less Annoying CRM.

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