Integrate ConvertKit with Clarityflow

With the Clarityflow ConvertKit integration, you can do the following:

  • Automatically subscribe any respondent on any conversation or intake page to a ConvertKit form (adds them to your Subscribers list in ConvertKit).
  • Limit the integration to only subscribe intake page respondents
  • Limit the integration to specific intake pages and specify specific ConvertKit Forms to subscribe respondents to.

See the video above or read on for everything you need to know about integrating ConvertKit with Clarityflow:

Connect your ConvertKit account

  1. In Clarityflow, go to Settings > Integrations > ConvertKit
  2. In ConvertKit, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Here you can copy your API Key and your API Secret. Paste those into the ConvertKit integration settings in Clarityflow, then click "Connect ConvertKit".
  3. When you've successfully connected ConvertKit, you should see "ConvertKit account connected", along with the email address of the owner of the ConvertKit account that is connected.

To disconnect your ConvertKit account, click "Disconnect ConvertKit."

Set your default ConvertKit form

The Clarityflow ConvertKit integration will subscribe people to a ConvertKit Form.

In the integration settings, you should set a default ConvertKit form. By default, respondents will be subscribed to this form—unless you override it in the ConvertKit settings on a specific Intake Page (see below).

Select who should be subscribed to ConvertKit

There are 3 options here:

  • Every respondent Every respondent on any conversation or intake page will be subscribed to your default ConvertKit form.
  • Respondents via any intake page Every respondent via any intake page (but not conversations) will be subscribed to your default ConvertKit form.
  • Respondents via specific intake page(s) On each of your intake page(s) you can set a specific ConvertKit form to subscribe respondents to.

Set specific ConvertKit settings for specific Intake Pages

If you'd like to have one intake page subscribe to a specific ConvertKit form, and your other intake page(s) subscribe to a different ConvertKit form (or prevent ConvertKit subscriptions on specific intake pages), then this is how you can set this up:

  1. In the ConvertKit integration setting (Settings > Integrations > ConvertKit), select "Respondents via specific intake page(s)".
  2. Edit the intake page you want to specify ConvertKit settings on (intake pages > edit an intake page).
  3. Scroll down to the ConvertKit settings on this intake page
  4. Choose "Select a ConvertKit form for this intake page"
  5. Select a ConvertKit form. This will override the form selection you made in the ConvertKit integration settings.


Why don't my respondent's emails show up in my Subscribers list in ConvertKit?

Some things to check:

  • First, check to see if the respondent's emails are showing up in your Unconfirmed Subscribers list in ConvertKit. If so, then it means these subscribers did not confirm their subscription in ConvertKit. ConvertKit offers an option to automatically subscribe people without requiring a confirmation. Read more about this in ConvertKit's knowledge base here.
  • Is your ConvertKit integration set to only subscribe from specific intake pages? Double-check those settings (see above).
  • Is your ConvertKit account still connected to Clarityflow? Check to see if it needs to be re-connected by visiting the ConvertKit integration settings screen.

My ConvertKit integration was working before, but it stopped working.

Go to the Clarityflow ConvertKit integration screen to see if the connection is still active. If you see a red error message indicating it needs to be re-connected, it might mean the API keys or something else in your ConvertKit account has changed. Click the button to re-connect ConvertKit and then re-input your current API key and API secret.

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