Embedding Clarityflow on your own website

Did you know? Instead of embedding Clarityflow, you can connect your own domain (or subdomain) to Clarityflow and give your customers the full Clarityflow experience on your own domain. Details here

Clarityflow provides you with embed codes you can place in the HTML of your website so that you can have interactive Clarityflow conversations all within your own website on your own domain!

The following things in Clarityflow can be embedded using the provided embed codes:

  • Embed a full conversation »

    Place an entire, scrollable Clarityflow conversation on your website with the option to allow people to record and post replies all from within your own site.

  • Embed a single message »

    Take a single message from any conversation and display it on your website. A single message can include a video player, audio player, and/or text.

  • Embed an intake page »

    Any of your intake pages can be embedded on your own website. This can serve as a portal for your users to submit new messages and start new Clarityflow conversations all from within your own site.

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