Integrating Clarityflow with Slack

You can integrate Clarityflow with Slack to keep all of your async conversations and Slack chats in sync!

The Clarityflow Slack integration enables:

  • New conversations in Clarityflow automatically post to a Slack channel.
  • New messages on a conversation in Clarityflow automatically post to a dedicated thread in Slack
  • Use the /clarityflow slash command in Slack to start a new Clarityflow conversation
  • Turn any Slack message into a message posted to a Clarityflow conversation.

How to connect Slack and Clarityflow

  1. Log into Clarityflow, then go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Click "Connect to Slack"
  3. Select your Slack account and Slack channel to connect.

If you've connected a public channel, then you're all set!  Clarityflow will be synced with that Slack channel.

If you've connected a private channel, then read on as there is one more step to complete the connection:

Connecting Clarityflow to a private Slack channel

After you've connected Clarityflow to Slack (see steps above), follow these steps to connect it to a private channel in Slack:

  1. In the channels list in Slack, right-click the private channel, then click "Open channel details"
  2. Click "Integrations"
  3. Click "Add an app"
  4. Add Clarityflow to this private channel.
  5. Back in Clarityflow, go to "integrations", on the Slack integration, click "change Slack channel".  You should now see the private channel show up in the dropdown menu.  Click it to activate the connection between Clarityflow and this private channel in Slack.

Now Clarityflow will interact with this private Slack channel in all the same ways it can with a public channel.

Clarityflow conversations --> Slack threads

When a new conversation is started in Clarityflow, this will send a new message to the Slack channel you've connected. 

Once a 2nd message is posted to that Clarityflow conversation, this turns the initial Slack message into a Slack thread, with the 2nd message posted into it.

All subsequent messages on this Clarityflow conversation will be posted to this Slack thread.

Start a Clarityflow conversation from Slack

Once Clarityflow is connected to a Slack channel, you can start a new Clarityflow conversation by using the Slack slash command.

Type /clarityflow into Slack followed by a space, and then the text you want to set as this conversation's title.  For example, if you type:  "/clarityflow New Conversation Title" (without quotes), this will create a new conversation in Clarityflow with the title: New Conversation Title

The link to the Clarityflow conversation will then be posted into the Slack channel.

Post a message to a Clarityflow conversation from Slack

If a Clarityflow conversation already exists, and it is already synced to a Slack thread, then you can post a text message into that Clarityflow conversion from within this Slack thread.

First, post a reply to the thread in Slack.  After posting, right-click this message in Slack to open it's options.  Then click "Send to Clarityflow".  This will post a text message to the Clarityflow conversation with the text that was posted in Slack. 

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