Edit and trim your video or audio recordings

After recording a new message, you can use the editor to trim off sections from the beginning, middle, or end of your recording.

In this doc, learn how to:

  • Use editing mode
  • Trimming sections from your recordings
  • Processing your edits
  • Publishing your edited message

Use editing mode

Once you've finished recording a new message, click the "edit recording" button to enter "editing mode". Clicking "edit recording" will save your new message as a draft and open up the editing interface.

Once you're in editing mode, you can begin dragging sections along the timeline to specify clips that you intend to delete from the recording.

Note: Editing mode is only available if your recording is at least 5 seconds long.

Trimming sections from a recording

Note: No sections will be deleted until after you've clicked the "Process edits" button. Until then, you can add and adjust the list of sections to be included in your edits processing.

Drag the left/right edges of each clip to adjust the start and end points of the sections. The sections covered in red lines are the sections that will be deleted from your recording (after you click "Process edits").

You can add multiple clips to the list of sections to be deleted before processing all of these edits in one run. Click "+ Section" to add additional clip(s) to the timeline to be cut. Click the "x" on any section to remove it from the list of sections to be cut.

Processing your edits

Once you're happy with the list of sections to be cut, click the "Process edits" button.

Note: Once you click the "process edits" button, you cannot stop the editing process. Those sections of your recording will be permanently deleted. There is an "Are you sure?" step before you initiate the edits process.

By default, you (the message creator) will be notified via email once the edits have finished processing. Depending on the length of your original recording, processing edits can take anywhere from 30 seconds up to several minutes to complete.

Publishing your edited message

If your message is still in draft mode (indicated with the blue outline) when you initiate edits, you have the option to check the box to automatically publish the message once your edits have completed processing.

This makes it easy for you to record, initiate edits, and then move on with your day, knowing that your message will be sent once the edits are finished.

You have the option to turn on or off the "automatic publish" option while your edits are processing. However, if the edits have already been completed, then changing this option (before refreshing the page) would result in immediately publishing or turning the message into a draft.

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