Export & merge multiple messages into a single "stitched-together" video or audio file

Once a conversation contains multiple messages, you have the option to export those recordings in a few ways:

  • You could download the individual recordings from each individual message in MP4 video or MP3 audio.
  • You could merge all of the recordings into a single, "stitched-together" MP3 video or MP3 audio file.

This article covers the latter—merging and exporting all messages from a conversation into a single, stitched-together video or audio file.

In this article:

How merging to a single MP4 or MP3 works

When you use Clarityflows "export merged" feature, here's what happens:

  • All of the messages in a conversation, including only those that have video or audio (excluding text-only messages), will be combined and "stitched together", one after another, in chronological order, into a single .mp4 (video) or .mp3 (audio) file, which you can download to your computer.
  • If your conversation contains a mix of video and audio-only messages, and you export to MP4 video, then the merged video will include both the video and audio-only messages. The sections of the merged video that play an audio-only message will appear black and just play that audio.
  • If you export to MP3 audio, then all of the audio from all of the video and audio-only messages will be included in the merged .mp3 file.
  • There is no "gap" or transition between the stitched-together messages in the finished MP3 or MP4. They simply play one-after-another.
  • If you want more fine-grain control and editing of your recordings and how they're merged, we recommend downloading the individual message recordings from each individual message (you'll find this in the message settings dropdown menu at the top-right corner of each message).

Exporting and merging in a single click

When viewing a conversation that contains multiple messages with media (video or audio), open the conversation settings dropdown menu > find "Export merged" > and click to merge to an MP4 or MP3.


Clicking the "MP4" or "MP3" buttons will initiate the merging process. This will take a few minutes to complete, and you can navigate away from this page while it's processing.

You (the person who clicked to initiate the export) will receive an email once the exported MP4 or MP3 file is ready for download. Until then, you will see this message shown in the settings dropdown:


Downloading your merged MP4 or MP3 file

Within approximately 5-15 minutes (depending on how many messages are being merged) you will be notified that your MP4 or MP3 file is ready for you to download.

Your email notification will look like this:


Simply click that button in the email to download the file to your computer.

Alternatively, you can visit the conversation again, and click the "MP4" or "MP3" link once again. If you've generated the export and it is complete, then this link will now immediately download that file to your computer.


Updating your merged MP3 or MP4 after messages have been added or removed since the last merge

After you've generated a merged MP4 or MP3 download, what happens if/when a message has been deleted or a new message has been posted to the conversation after the merge was generated?

After the messages have been changed, now when you open the conversation settings dropdown and click "Download merged", you will see this:


If a previously merged MP3 or MP4 has become outdated with the current set of messages in the conversation, that link will appear with "(outdated)" appended to it. You can still click this link to download that old merged file if you want.

You will also see a link "Re-export MP3/MP4". Clicking this will initiate a new merging of all current messages and this will replace that old outdated merged file.

Again, you will be notified via email in a few minutes once the newly merged file is ready to download.

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