Display a custom background image on camera recordings

When you're recording a camera-only message, Clarityflow gives you the option to swap out your room's background with a custom background image!

You can choose from our collection of stock background images or upload your own.

Note: Custom backgrounds for camera recordings are currently only supported when recording in Google Chrome. However, recordings that used a custom background can be played back on any browser.

Set a background image on your camera recording

When you start a new camera recording, click the "Background" button to launch the background image selector.

here, you can select from our collection of stock background images.

Or when you upgrade, you can upload your own custom background image!

Set a default background image

When you upgrade your Clarityflow account, you'll have the ability to:

  • Upload custom background images.
  • Set your personal default background image for all new camera recordings.
  • Make your custom background images available to anyone else in your account—teammates and guests.
  • Set a default background image for everyone's camera recordings in your account.

You'll find all of these options in your account settings > "Background Images".

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