Use the bookmark URL to start a new conversation

You can bookmark and use a special URL to generate a new conversation in Clarityflow.

First, obtain your unique URL by going to settings > integrations > scroll down "New conversation via URL", then copy your URL to your clipboard.  It follows this pattern:  /account_slug/create_conversation (your account_slug is unique to your account).

We recommend you add this URL to your browser's bookmarks so that you can easily click it from anywhere.

Creating a conversation via your URL

When you click your new conversation URL—assuming you're logged into your Clarityflow account at the time you click it—a new, empty conversation will immediately be created in your Clarityflow account.

If you're not logged in at the time you click, you will be directed to the Clarityflow login screen.

Assuming you haven't added any customization parameters to the URL, the new conversation will use whatever settings you've set in your account defaults.

Customizing conversation parameters

Using your new conversation URL, you can override your account's default settings for new conversations, and set different options.  To do so, you can append special parameters to your new conversation URL.  Your URL, with customization parameters appended, would look like this:


Notes on how to structure this URL:  

  • After create_conversation must come a ? followed by the first parameter and its' value.
  • All other parameters are separated using a &.
  • Each parameter consists of a parameter name and its value, separated by an =.
  • If the parameter's value is invalid, it will be ignored.
  • In the case of setting a custom title, to include spaces in your custom title, use %20

These are the parameters you can include:


true or false --- Sets the conversation to public or private.


true or false --- Turns "anyone can post" to on or off.


true or false --- Turns "allow anonymous responses" to on or off.


must contain only letters, numbers, or _.  If this slug is already taken, then a unique slug will be auto-generated instead.


spaces must be replaced with %20.

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