Sharing Clarityflow links with clients, explained

When you share the link to a Clarityflow conversation with someone—a client, a customer, or anyone else—what will they see?

Watch the video above to find out... Or read on:

Default visibility options

By default, when you open a conversation's settings panel the following options are set by default:

  • The conversation is public (anyone with the link can view)

And under "Advanced options":

  • Anyone who can view this conversation can post a response.
  • When someone posts a response, they will be prompted to register as a respondent or post anonymously
  • Anonymous messages are allowed.

Prompting unidentified users when they reply

Most of the time, the person you're sending a Clarityflow link isn't yet a Clarityflow user themselves.

When they record and press "send reply", before their message is posted, they will see a prompt that looks like this:

Here the person is presented with 2 options:

  • They can register as a "respondent" with their name and email This will attach their name to their message and they will be notified when others reply in this conversation.
  • They can post anonymously Their message will be posted, but it will say "posted anonymously" and this person will have no way of being notified of responses (yet... we'll get to that in a minute...)

Or if the person happens to already have a Clarityflow account, they can log in and complete the posting of their message.

Adding subscribers to a conversation

If you need to keep someone in the loop who hasn't registered as a respondent in Clarityflow, you have the option of adding them as a subscriber. More info on how to add a subscriber here (or see the video above).

Disabling the prompt for unidentified users

If you've upgraded your Clarityflow account, then you'll have the option to disable the prompt shown to unidentified users.

This can be useful if you want to provide a completely frictionless experience for clients, etc., and don't need them to register when replying (perhaps you will add their email addresses as subscribed emails, see above).

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