How to "close" a conversation or thread and prevent replies

Sometimes your conversations (or threads within a conversation) should be "closed" so that your guests can still see past messages but cannot send new replies.

This article shows you how you can:

Note: "Closing" a conversation does not delete the conversation, nor does it archive the conversation. The conversation will remain visible in your conversations list, even when it's closed for new replies. If you want to fully remove it from view (but not permanently), you can archive the conversation.

Close a conversation

To close a conversation from accepting any new messages from guests, you can toggle this setting in any of these places:

  • In the conversation's dropdown menu, click "Replies open" and after clicking it, this will change to "Replies closed".

  • Open the settings panel, and toggle this switch to close this conversation's replies:

  • When a conversation's replies are closed, you will see this button appear at the top of the conversation, to make you aware that your guests cannot post replies. You can click this button to toggle replies open again:

Note: When a conversation's replies are closed, you and team members in your account can still post messages. Only guests (your clients, etc.) will not have the ability to post new messages in this conversation.

Close replies in specific threads

Sometimes you just want to prevent replies within specific thread(s) in your conversation, while leaving the rest of the conversation open for new threads and replies.

To close a thread's replies:

  • Open any message's settings dropdown and click "Prevent replies":

  • When the thread is in its' opened state, you can open the thread's settings dropdown and click "Prevent replies":

  • When a thread is closed from accepting new replies from guests, you (as the account owner or team member) will still be able to post replies, but you'll see this at the bottom of the thread. You can click it to reopen replies:

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